OCI by Grandmother's Marriage Certificate of Great-Grandfather's Baptism


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Dear board,

I would like to apply for an OCI, but from what I have read I am not sure how I should proceed with the documentation I have in hand.

This is the situation:

I was born in England, UK; and I have a copy of my birth certificate listing my parents' names

My mother was born in Wales, UK; and I have a copy of her marriage certificate listing her father's name and birth certificate listing her parent's names

Her mother (my maternal grandmother) was born in Quetta, Pakistan, though she lived almost all of her life until 1946 in Maharashtra; I do not have a copy of her birth certificate as there was not one and was unable to obtain her baptism record, though I have the baptism records of her two siblings; I have her marriage certificate, which occurred in Karachi, Pakistan and lists her father's name; I also have her death certificate, which lists her maiden name and place of birth as India; and I have a ship manifest of her immigrating to The UK in about 1946.

Her father (my great-grandfather) was born in Kolkotta, India; I have his baptism record, listing his parents' names; but I do not have his marriage or death certificate.

I have documents of several generations going back living in India from this point.

I do not have any records for the birth, marriage of my great-grandmother and I have no idea if any exist or where they may be found. I know her date of death, which was in 1982 and likely occurred in Mumbai.

Could any provide information on how I may proceed with applying for an OCI?

Thank you for your time,