Oath In Scarborough (Timeline)


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Hello Everyone/Gurus,

I had my Citizenship test in March in Scarborough Town Center. I need to know after how long they send Oath Ceremony Invitation. On the day of test they said it takes 3 to 4 months.

- Does any one know what are the timelines for the Oath in Scarborough town Center?

- What documents they ask to bring to the Oath Ceremony? Does Passport is must required for Oath Ceremony?

(Actually I live in NY, USA and my passport will be expired end of April. If I renew it from NY , so consulate people put stamp of NY city as a renewal location, that is why I am concerned.)

- If passport is must for Oath ceremony, if they see NY stamp as a renewal location, will they ask any question?

- Can any one please share your recent experience of Oath Ceremony from Scarborugh Town Centre.

Any help will be really appreciating.