O1 Visa for Animators


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Dear Forum readers,

I wanted to open this thread, to start a discussion on the O-1 Visa for Animation professionals , particularly covering segments and questions such as:

1.How to obtain an O-1 Visa?
2.How do you qualify for that?
3.How much does it costs for O-1 Visa?
4.What are the other options I have?

(Please let me know if you know US agent or consultant who can sponsor for O-1 Visa)

Please post on this thread .

Thank you so much for your time.

Satish Bhavankar


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Find an employer first! If you meet the qualifications, that employer can petition O-visa for you. If you do not qualify, you can still come on other visas. The employer should know this. O-visa cannot be self-petitioned. If you think you are qualified, try EB1-extraordinary ability green card petition.