O1 approved, what next ?


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I\'ve got an O1 visa petition approved in two weeks. I\'ve to go to the US consulate in Canada now to get it stamped on my passeport. I\'ve a few questions:

1) is there \'another step\' to do there, or is it just a formality ?

2) who really takes the decision ? the ins that approved the petition or the consulate ?

3) is it important to show the intent of leaving the US after the visa ? I applied for last year lottery and at the consulate they ask if you\'ve ever applied, can it be a problem ?

4) any hints ?


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1) For h1-Bs it is just a formality now a days.

2) Be prepared to face some questions. Make sure you are in position to represent your extraordinary abilities. Mostly consulate does not deny any application.

3) I do not know.


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Have you figured out what to do further ?
I have just received the approval note and it has some form in the bottom
which must be stapled with I-94...

Could someone share the info about the next steps ?