O-1 Visa Evaluation


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I work in a semiconductor equipment company in Phoenix, AZ as a Mechanical Engineer. I am looking for an evaluation so as to obtain the probability of success of an O-1 Visa application

Following are my credentials:
Education: Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering
Experience: 2 years in present job as Mechanical Engineer in Semiconductor Equipment
2 years as Mechanical Engineer in Oil & Gas equipment design in India
Salary: ~90000/year
Publication: 1 publication with ~10 citations in work-related field
Patents: 2 patents filed during my present invention.
1 patent has been productised and customer shipment to multiple leading semiconductor manufacturer is in progress. The product would be used in the manufacture of the most advanced node of semiconductor technology
Role: Key Mechanical Engineer contributing to product design and development. Worked on projects which have created a differential in the market for the company over the competitors. Led projects leading to significant cost savings resulting in considerable growth in bottom-line for the company.
Academic Research: Have peer reviewed ~5 journal papers and am continuing to review further papers in work-related fields for international scientific journals

Could anyone please provide some feedback regarding the possibility of success for O-1 visa? Evidence in the form of letter of recommendations from company directors, Senior VPs and other colleagues can be made available.

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