NZ work visa (Specific purpose) for 6 months


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I am from Egypt. I sent my work visa application (specific purpose or event) to Dubai , it was lodged at 15 December 2014 . They told me they sent it to NZ Wellington IPB, it reached NZ at 7 January 2015. The job offer is to do post-doctor research in Otago University, only for six months, should start 1 March 2015 till 1 September 2015. IPB sent me email confirming that my application reached and waiting for CO allocation. I heard that the NZ visa delays in most cases, Has anyone experience about this type of visa, how much time needed to be finished. If the visa does not finish till the start time (1 March) what could I do, also when the visa accepted will it be for six months from 1 march or legible for 6 months from the day of visa acceptance.