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NVC progress

Discussion in 'Family Based Green Card -Through Marriage/Relative' started by smp17, Mar 12, 2018.

  1. smp17

    smp17 New Member

    Hi there

    Feeling really annoyed about the progress of my spousal visa with NVC. Here's what we have so far-

    -called last week, just short of 6 weeks since the date of my USCIS NOA2/acceptance letter, informed that since it was 6 weeks and they still hadn't received the case, to call a few days later...for whatever reason...
    -called a few days later as instructed, told that NVC received case 15th February!!!! For some reason, first person I called a few days earlier did not tell me this! This lady told me she would send my case to a supervisor as it was clearly out of standard time-lines for a case number to be generated.
    -called a week later, today, to be told that case enquiry would be e-mailed to supervisor (???!!!). Asked many questions, no answers.

    Is this normal???? My NOA2 from USCIS was dated 22/01/2018. The priority date is 04/28/2017. NVC apparently received my case 02/15/2018. Still I have no case number. Any advice on what to do next??? Phone calls seriously aren't getting me anywhere.

  2. abumiqdad

    abumiqdad Member

    just have to wait i suppose. NVC seemed to be having a lot of backlog on cases they have received but yet to enter into their system. A number of people have been waiting since January but had not had the NVC case number assigned. I have the same date as yours and waiting for NVC too.
  3. smp17

    smp17 New Member

    Thanks so much for your response! Sorry to read that you're in the same position. Please do let me know when you hear something!
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