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Hi all,

1. My parents are Indian citizens who had their green card for 10 years. They live both in the US and India.

2. They found out that their green cards had expired when earlier this year they were coming over to the US to visit. They were still at Mumbai airport when they discovered this, but the authorities said that they were still allowed to travel (it had been only a few months since their cards had expired) provided they apply for renewal on entry into the US.

3. They applied for their renewal in California, but after 3 months had to go back to India for an emergency.

4. Their Appointment Notice just arrived in the mail at their California residence. The appointment is for 12/1 (in less than a month) but they are still in India.

Here are my questions:
Can they transfer their appointment to the consulate in Mumbai?
What are their options if they are unable to make the appointment in the US?
If they absolutely have to be back for the appointment in CA, can they travel on their expired green card again? It has been over 6 months since they left.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!