notice sent to wrong address now 485 denied

i was checking online uscis case status pretty often for updates
--MARCH 10th scheduled for interview
no notice received so we called 2 weeks Prior to our appointment, and found out it was sent to my husband's old address where he used to leave prior to our marriage (West Virginia) and interview location (Pittsburgh PA)
--on FEB 28th i changed the address over the phone with officer, because he said we can't go to PA since we don't live there, he gave us a reference number (confirmation number) and said we will have to wait for new interview date inGA
-- on MARCH 22nd i check status and it says our 485 is denied !!!!
and our I130 MARCH 22nd reopened ! (i never knew it was closed in the first place)

i've called them and they suggesting me to schedule an appointment for info pass.
Is there a possibility they can have us file it all over ? if they open the case do we have to pay again?
most frustrating part is his employment card expires on july 13th (ITS also my due date for our baby ) Is there a possibility they may ask him to leave USA?
i am a Naturalized citizen since 2011