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I am new to this board and need some help. I will be contacting my lawyer tomorrow, but I wanted to find out if anyone else has experienced this. I used a non-valid social security number to work and have been using that for 8 years. I applied for permanent residency with my correct documentation and have a valid EAD and a valid SSN# for the past 4 years. My employer discovered this situation and has requested the new information before I can continue to work.

My question is, will I encounter immigration problems if my employer verifies that my EAD is valid because I used another SS# to work with? Should I just quite and move on? This is the only information that I found on the USCIS site.

It occasionally happens that an employer learns that an employee whose documentation appeared to be in order for Form I-9 purposes is not actually authorized to work. In such case, the employer should question the employee and provide another opportunity for review of proper Form I-9 documentation. If the employee is unable under such circumstances to provide satisfactory documentation, employment should be discontinued (alien employees who question the employer’s determination may be referred to an Immigration field office for assistance).

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I would suggest that any employer faced with this situation consult an attorney who is knowledgeable of employment and civil rights law. The advice you quote is from USCIS and only considers the immigration perspective. The employer needs to be very careful to avoid stepping over the line of discrimination based on national origon.