NORI and loan clearance


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I have recently started applying for NORI (finished my stage -I of the process and sent my affidavits and biodata to three dept of India). In the affidavit, i indicated that i have not taken any loan and got that affidavit attested by consulate authorities but actually i have an outstanding loan amount of ~75k in one of the bank in my home town. I have taken this loan when i went for phd in UK but never got the chance to clear it so far.

Now my question is will it be problem if i lied (I was worried that i had to clear the loan before i get the waiver) in the affidavit and what is the remedy for it? I can't clear the loan as of now as i have so many financial problems. Please suggest me what should i do before somebody from passport/state govt. office come to enquire my home as part of stage-II of NORI.