No Court Order with Naturalization Certificate


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I changed my name through the naturalization process on January 2015. My name change from (not my real name) :

First name: Carlos,
Last name: Gonzales Mendosa


First name: Carlos,
Last name: Gonzales

I dropped my mothers last name.

When I received my naturalization certificate the name on it was Carlos Gonzales, which was what I wanted.

I then applied and got my US passport using my Naturalization certificate and also updated my name in my Social Security using my Naturalization Certificate.

It was only when I went to change my drivers license I was told that I needed a court order stating that I change my name. This is in the state of Texas.

I went to the USCIS office to ask for the court order and found out that for the federal government my "name change" was not considered an actual name change (dropping my mothers last name) so I was not provided a court order stating the name change. They then informed me to go to the harris county clerk office in Houston, TX and see if they can help me.

The harris county clerk office informed me that I needed to petition a name change n so that I can change my name in my Drivers License.

My problem is that I have my US passport and social security card with the new name (Carlos Gonzales)
and my drivers license as Carlos Gonzales Mendosa.

I am confused now because I don't know which is my legal name. The one in the SS or the one in the DL?

I need to know this so that I can sign the name petition change.

Anyone heard of a similar problem?

Thank you


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Hi Its_Diego,

I'm in the exact same situation as you right now. Did you figure out how to solve this problem? I would really appreciate if you can explain me what you did to fix this issue. This situation is really stressing me out.

Thanks in advanced.