NIW EB-2 Self-Petition E-Filing Issue I-140


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Does anybody happen to know how one has to fill out
"Part 6: Basic Information about the proposed employment"? in the I-140 (e-filing) for a self petition case? I am aware of the fact that I don't need a US employer when I go ahead with a self-petition case. On paper, it would be possible to put N/A there but in the e-filing scheme, it is not possible to get passed that step. The system would return the following message "ERROR: Since a non-US address was entered in part one of this application, Address 1 must be provided." Since, I don't live in the US (I live in Europe), I can't see why I am forced to give a US address by the system, either in Part 1 or Part 6 (I have read that the error message is due to the fact that one of these addresses must be a US address).

  • Has anybody done this?

  • Any other suggestions regarding the I-140 form?

  • How does one know where to submit the evidence package? (which service center; eg. Texas, Nebraska etc.)
    [One of the e-filing options provided that the if one successfully e-file the I-140 form, the provided number will decide the service center.]

  • What items should be included in the NIW EB-2 Self-Petition package along with the I-140?

I would appreciate if anybody could address this message or answer my questions. Thanks.