newzealand phd student VISA 2013


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Hiii all,
I have recieved a phd offer from a newzealand uni on may 28 and have therefore applied for a student VISA. After the initial assessment from the immigration officer, the officer isnt convinced that i have sufficient funds and also concerned about being non bonafide applicvant. He is askin me to show a funds of about 63000 nz dollars fro three years of study. My query is that if i have got a fully funded phd offer which covers the full tuitioin fee and also pays me approximately 500nz$ for a week. do i need to show the full 63000 nz$ in my bank account /? or is it possible to show him proof tht i am funded by the university for the preiod of study?? Also i do have propety on my name so can i show the market value of the propety as funds along with the funds ion the bank or do we need to show only raw cash as in a bank? pleasde guide and advice me i9n this regarsd its urgent ...