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    A friend of mine wanted me to post this question for her. She is here in the States through her husband. Even though they are newly wed, she is being mistreated, but she is afraid of losing her chance to stay if she says anything. Her husband did all of her immigration application, and she thinks he may topido her chance of getting her Citizenship. Her permanent residency was just approved after 10 months of marriage. She wants to know if her fear is valid; can she at least try to discuss the marriage situation with her husband without fear of him destroying her chance? What if he was not willing to work towards improving the situation? Is she going to be deported? What if the husband applies for divorce? Does this mean she will have to go back? What if he applies for divorce and contacts immigration with negative comments about her? I know I am asking a number of questions here, if you wouldn’t mind addressing which ever you can. If you address all it would be great. I greatly appreciate your comments.

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    Why did you type with such large font... lol. Made it harder to read

    If he divorces her and contacts immigration. Thats not good but there is no excuse for staying in a toxic relationship.

    If she is being abused she should get the law the cops!! i assume thats what u meant when you said she”s being “mistreated”. Or she herself should file for a divorce ..And get an immigration attorney asap

    As long as your friend married him for “love”. And not an immigration benefit. She will be fine

    Or if she thinks se can work it out with him. Go for it

    Too many Variables
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    Thank you so much for the reply. She says she did marry him for love. She was not bitten, but he asks her to do majority of the work at home apparently. Cooking, cleaning, washing dishes, etc. Does she have a chance if he does file for a divorce, and contact the immigration stating that she never married him for love? Is there some way of protecting her immigration status from him if and when they do move towards a divorce?
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    Was she granted a conditional green card? Thats valid for 2 years
    Or a traditional green card thats valid for 10 years?
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    Yes she was granted the traditional green card. She wants to know if he can still hurt her case, and what she needs to do. He calls INS all the time to update her case, and they asked her if she allows and she said yes before, but she wants to make sure that does not happen if their marriage does not work out. And she wants to become a Citizen so what would happen after the 10 year period? Is there anything she should do or can do to stay after that? she also wants to know if you cover Viginia area, and how much you charge for an initial consult please.
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    Tell your friend she has no worries

    Keep in mind with everything you need far as him calling Immigration
    She can file for citizenship in 3 years. If still married to him

    5 years if shes no longer married to him.

    If he divorces her his allegations will be noted and he will have to prove that she married him for a green card... in which case she didnt. So i dont how he would be able to prove that!!

    She doesnt have to stay with him if its a situation she no longer wants to be in. In any case she will need a lawyer.
    Im no laywer , just a forum member. but consult fees vary. Nothing too crazy though. A few hundred dollars is what you can expect to pay.
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    Thank you so much; I'll ask her to reach out. This helps to put her mind at ease.
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    If they’re newly wed like your first post stated, she did not have the traditional 10 year GC, what she has is a conditional GC which requires removal of condition after two years before she gets the traditional 10 year card.

    She needs to remove conditions first from the two year GC before she can file for citizenship based on three years of being married to a USC, or 5 years of being a LPR.

    If they divorce after she gets her 10 year GC, then she can file for citizenship on her own without needing the husband. If they divorce before she gets or files for the 10 year GC, she will need to file a waiver and show she genuinely entered into the marriage in order to remove conditions on her own.
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