Newark, NJ N400 Interview + Oath Experience


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I successfully completed my Naturalization Interview and Oath this past week. Thank you to everyone who has helped me by answering my questions for the past few months. (I will make an effort to hover around this forum to help out future applicants.)

First, I just want to say that the Newark Office is fantastic - you walk in a as a Permanent Resident, and you walk out as a US Citizen - I don't know if any other office does that, but the process is very efficient in this office. No waiting for Oath letter, or worrying about Oath dates. I handed in my Green Card, and got my Naturalization Certificate only 2 hours after my interview. The entire process took 4.5 months from mailing the N400 in mid-June to becoming a US Citizen. Next step is to apply for a Passport, and change my info at the SS Office.

A few points I would like to make about my Interview/Application - items that concerned me, and could be bother other applicants.

1.) I was caught by the NYPD jumping turnstiles in the NYC Subway and was fined $100. USCIS doesn't care about this as long as you can show them original proof that you have paid the fine, and hand them a photocopy of the disposition saying you've paid the fine.

2.) I hadn't filed my tax returns for a few years within the last 5 years because my income was lower than the filing limit. I also owed some taxes that I has just paid off before the interview. No problem for USCIS - just explain it. USCIS doesn't really care about taxes too much, they know that IRS will get their dues whatever the circumstance.

I found that adjudication officers are reasonable people - as long as it is within the law, and you can explain your situation clearly, they will let you pass.

I will answer any questions you might have.


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Also, you don't need all those documents listed on this forum.

You need to have your DL, Passport and GC. Everything else according to your situation, but not a must. Like I needed a disposition letter saying I had paid off the fine. Don't give the officer even ONE more document than necessary. Don't confuse them.


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Congratz NJN400!

>> and change my info at the SS Office.

Can you explain on this? I heard during my oath they mentioning this and some benefits. But was not able to discern.
What do we need to change. We already have a SSN, so what is needed to change at SS Office - just go there and say you are USC now? Why is that needed.
Please do let me know what you do here.


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i also caught by nypd for fare evasion. may i ask u how long is the period between your fare evasion ticket and your naturalization interview? is it over 5 years? thx.