Newark - 2019 02 20 - approved but the oath needs to be scheduled ?

All went well. Passed the tests. Approved on the spot. However at the end the systems were down. She gave me the oath schedule form for the same day and asked to wait in lobby while the systems come up. After 30 minutes she called me back to counter and told me to return that form as the systems have crashed and everyone has been asked to go back home. She told me to wait for oath schedule in mail.

My online status has changed to we approved your application and that they will let me know when the oath ceremony is.

After the interview she gave me the form for the same day to attend the Oath ( Newark has same day oath) but she did say the systems are down.
My case was very straightforward. Now I am just scared that I might have fallen into a "hole" in the system!

Is anyone in the same situation?
Your application information has been entered into the system which schedules applicants for oath ceremonies. Oath ceremony appointments are scheduled as slots become available. Once you have been scheduled for your ceremony, you will receive an oath ceremony appointment notice to appear at a certain date, time, and location.