New Thread for Ammenesty (i245)


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First of all let me congradulate you on the most successfull website created on Immigration isues. This is a great encyclopedia for us immigrants anxiously awaiting our green card results.

After browsing through all areas I still couldnt find a thread dedicated only to amnesty issues. I belive the immigration attorney's refer them to as i245's as well. Maybe I am not looking at the right place. But I still dident find any thread on this subject.

There are many who have got rejected or would be getting rejected on their green card petition. For them the only chance would be to get selected to an ammenesty. I know the last one was before Clinton left office in 2001. Does any one have an idea or inside info as to when another would come around......
pending i245

Hi To All.. Most Of Immigration Lawyers In New York Are Accepting Clients Under This Umbrella I245. Was There Any Pending Resulutions For This Year Or The Following Years Or So???