New applicants...who applied in December or January 2017


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i sent my papers n400 to uscis that reached there 3 days ago... I understand it may be too early to get reciept notice, and my check hasnt been cashed yet either...but the main purpose of this thread is to just communicate with each other and see time lines and how it is been going for you all new applicants... please share when you applied and how is it going... any questions and comments.... new applicants please


This is a good idea and it used to be done here quite frequently even by month of application, i.e. Feb 2014 Filers.

I'm not sure why it stopped, it seems like maybe less people going through citizenship now seeing most of those who got H1B's when the numbers were increased to 240,000 per year have maybe already gotten their citizenships and the visa number since then reverted back to the much lower number!? who knows, but even the number of postings here per day is way way off what it used to be.

but anyway, yes you should do that, the threads basically all followed a similar format, you would put the date something happened and state what happened, each person in the month listed would contribute, like what I have in my signature line:

02/06/14: N-400 couriered to Phoenix, AZ - Santa Ana CA DO
02/07/14: Delivered
02/07/14: Priority Date
02/12/14: Check Cashed
02/14/14: Received NOA letter
02/21/14: Online Status FP appointment notice mailed
02/24/14: Received FP Notice - 03/04/14
02/25/14: FP done - walk-in Santa Ana CA
03/03/14: Online Status Changed to "In Line"
07/18/14: Received Interview Letter
08/20/14: Interview
08/20/14: Online status changed to: On August 20, 2014, the supervisor review of your case was completed. We will mail you a notice once a final decision has been made. Please wait to receive the notice before you contact USCIS.
08/27/14: Online status changed to: On August 27, 2014, we scheduled you for your oath ceremony and sent a notice providing the date, time, and location.
08/30/14: Oath letter received
09/17/14: Oath report @ 7:40am LA Convention Center


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thanks djh... i am sure lots of people are applying and i hope we will get some good responce here... this forum was extremely helpful when I applied for asylum and greencard...
I applied 4 days ago... checking my bank account after every hour lol if check has been cashed...and waiting to hear from other fellows... thanks 4 comment... wishing all good luck


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ok...i think website managers wont like this....but i got so much help from this site and i want to help few who are now looking for answers...this website is still very active on asylum forums and others etc but not for n-400....i found a site very active for n-400 k1 visas etc with monthly forums highly i am going to share it with those who desperately need help....nothing against anyone nor i want to advertise but just to help ...
just to show how active it is for n400 here is an example of august 2016 fillers....and you can find every month..
copy and paste it...
sorry if i break someones heart,,,my main purpose is to help the needy....i will always be here and will have input and help....thanks a lot,,,,