Need URGENT help on travel to India options while OCI is still in progress


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My priority date for OCI (family application) is April/05/2013.

I have not yet received the cancelled Indian passport (after renunciation) from India consulate - New York.
My mother is not feeling well.
What can i do to travel to India while OCI is still under progress ?

Please help !



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You should be able to apply for the VISA if you need to travel urgently. Me and my wife renunciation application was stuck at the New York consulate in 2011 around May. So I applied for the VISA in person and took the printout of my renunciation application and status print out from the Travisa website.

They accepted our VISA application. Surprisingly after that I saw action on my renunciation application I got the cancelled indian passport and then I picked up US passport stamped with VISA. I think it was all done within a week.

Hope this helps. Good Luck to you.


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Thanks for your reply. That's what i did. I applied for tourist visa.
I called travisa and they told me that i cannot apply for tourist visa in person (naturalized citizens have to apply by mail). I am still waiting for my cancelled Indian passport. For my tourist visa, I sent them a complete copy of my OCI application (including renunciation) along with a copy of Travisa OCI form.

Thanks again.