Need to know whether I can reuse H1 after stamping and after a break, with revoked petition and I-14

I'm in 7th year of my H1 (Expired in Mar'17) and I'm planning to go out of states for an year for studying. My I140 is approved for more than 6 months and current petition is valid till Dec'19 . I got this H1 petition for 3 years on the basis of approved I140. My employer informed that they will revoke my petition and I-140 if I quit.

I would like to know that in case if I can get visa stamped till Dec'19 , can I use my stamped H1 visa to re enter on a new petition from same or different employer.

Also, let's say if I'm unable to get the stamping, but still my I-140 and current petition is revoked , will I be able to file for H1 using earlier I-140 because it has been approved for more than 6 months.