Need to file Green Card for brother born in Africa


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I'm a US Citizen by naturalization and I would like to sponsor my brother who was born in Liberia- West Africa.
Is there a shortest way to bring him here on Green Card ? He wants his son to come here who will be turning 18 in 2 years.

Please advise ?

Thank you.


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Hi ,

Thank you for your response. So Sibling sponsorship doesn't work as Employment based ? For EB, Liberia is current.
Any other option would you suggest ? Investing in a company or crowd funding of some like that ?



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Well if your brother has about $500,000, he can go the investment visa route. Read about the EB investment and other EB visa types from the following link:

Alternatively your brother and his son can look into the diversity visa lottery and apply for that when the registration opens again in Oct/Nov - assuming the meet the educational or work requirements.