Need J1 stamp while spouse getting GC

I am a J1 resident Physician with 2 year home country RR. To finish my program, I will need to update J1 papers next year (mid 2020) for the last year of residency.

My husband is in H1B and applied for GC form I-140 and I-485. In his Form I-140 for "if spouse applying for change of status" he put a "No". This is to make sure I am not intending immigration while I will ask for J1 renewal for another year. His I-140 is approved and I-485 is pending.

Now for a family emergency, I really need to visit my home country and eventually face for J1 visa stamp. Now I am afraid that the visa officer might think intention conflict and deny J1 visa as my husband is in H1B and getting his green card? Any experience/comment please??