Need info on H1b to H1 dependant visa conversion


Both I and my spouse are in H1B visa with valid stamped petition till 2019.

I am currently in India offshore location . My wife is working in onsite location and we are getting a baby soon.

Since i dont have an requirement to work in my wife's current work location. I would like to go on H4 Visa and take care of her. Can someone clarify few things

Can she process H4 dependant visa for me ?

Can i travel in H4 Visa , will that impact my current H1B validatiy ?

Can i swap company after coming to U.S because i have H1B valid petition ?

Thanks You !!! Grateful to the people who responded.


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Take an appointment with nearest US consulate for H-4 visa interview. Take your wife's previous 4 months pay stubs, H-1B I-797 approval notice, marriage certificate. Once you are in country on H-4, if a job becomes available you can change status from H-4 to H-1B by filing new I-129 by your new employer, your H-1B is cap EXEMPT.