Need help on H4 extension- Current status of petition is weird.


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Hi People,

I have filed H4 extension petition for my wife and KID last august.
my wife got biometric appointment and completed the biometric. My KID is yet to get.
My H1B is approved in between for 3 years.

Yesterday i checked the status for my wife and got shocked. below is the status.

"Appeal Was Dismissed

Your appeal was dismissed. Your case remains denied. On June 3, 2021, we sent you a notice about this action. If you do not receive your notice by July 3, 2021, please contact the appellate authority directly.

I never applied for any Appeal, I didn't got any denial letter from USCIS through mail/phone/email.
Immediately i called USCIS and Representative said I do not see any denial notice and to dig further in your case i need to forward to Representative who have depth access but that may take 16 days and provided me service req number.

I have asked is there any undelivered or returned notice from my side- he said NO.

I asked my company attorney he said "its might be a computer glitch from E-Notice website side."

My KID status is same from date we filed.- "August 6, 2020 Case Was Received"

My Concern is the date provided in the current status- it says June 3 case got denied .

Any one can help what should be my next steps? Thanks in advance!