I am currently in the US on OPT extension which expires in December 2015. I finished my undergraduate degree in Computer Engineering in the US a year and half ago, applied for OPT (and OPT extension) and my company has applied for my H1B visa again this year. Given that the H1B cap was reached again this year, my chances of obtaining a H1B visa are limited. In addition, since my OPT extension ends in December, my only options after that will be to go to Graduate school or move to Canada.

I have been more inclined recently to moving to Canada. I could apply for the skilled worker visa and hopefully I could find a job and move to Canada. I currently have more that 3 years of experience in Software Development and I wanted to ask if I stand a chance of finding a job in Canada(Toronto or Montreal are my preferred destinations) in IT. I also wanted your opinion as in if this is a good idea to move to Canada. I'm currently confused and undecided and I'm running out of time.

I really need some advice.

Thank you
You know Canada is one of the best nation to continue your work and studies, which is growing quickly and also facing a good amount of success in its economy. This is the reason that their are a lot of people who are planning to Immigrate to Canada.And one more thing regarding Canada Immigration is that,
Express Entry-System Canada launched on 01 January 2015, is a new application management system of Canada, inviting highly skilled professionals towards the country.To know more information regarding Canada Express Entry you just visit the link

You have choosen the best nation to make your career in future to be good.