Naturalization with Convictions

Hi, hope I can get some answers here as I've been given different answers from different attorneys and I really am confused about the whole situation.

I've been here since 1990 as a permanent resident. I had been arrested twice for controlled substance under 2 grams and a few times with possession of cannabis under 30 grams and paraphernalia which were misdemeanors around 2002 and 2003. I applied for naturalization back in 2007 and was told at the interview I should have consulted an attorney before filing for naturalization and I can be deported because I've applied for citizenship. I received a letter 3 years later and it just stated I was denied for naturalization due to not being a person with good moral character and have not been deported so Im still here in the US and I've even got my green card renewed until 2028. I've been trying to debate and understand if I should apply for citizenship again since I've been out of trouble for more than 15 years and have turned my life around. From what Ive read i should be ok to apply however I've been told by three different attorneys that i shouldn't and two say I should be ok. Thanks in advance to anyone that can possibly assist me.