Naturalization Through Grandparents *N600k Process

Hi there.

On September, 2017 I acquired US Citizenship through my father, who is deceased. I have always lived in Venezuela. I want to move to the US with my daughter. I know that she can acquire US citizenship through the N600k form. But my case has the following issues:

- In the Part 3, Item 11 of the N600k form, it requests a “Certificate of Citizenship number”. I have never had a certificate of citizenship, only my US passport. Must I have to request this Certificate? Or leave this item blank?

- I have not a SSN. Thus, I have never declared US taxes. Also, I do not overpass the poverty line right now. Does this represent a limitation in order to obtain a B-2 visa for my child to attend to the interview? Does this interview can be held at the US Embassy en Venezuela? It would be great if we could attend to the embassy right here.

- I’m divorced. The divorce document states that “we have agreed that the mother will exercise the care and custody in the same way that she has been exercising at the moment of birth of our minor daughter”. Will this be enough as a proof of legal and physical custody of my daughter? I also have a broad power document granted by her father, which allows me to make any tramit on her behalf (this document was granted to me two years ago).

- The fee amount of USD $ 1,170.00 is, in Venezuela, literally a LOT of money. In case that they need more information, or some information that I send is wrong, or the application is rejected, do they charge this fee?