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Naturalization issues if leaving GC sponsoring company soon

Discussion in 'US Citizenship' started by namesake79, Sep 21, 2013.

  1. namesake79

    namesake79 New Member

    I thought receiving green card will end most of employment related issues but apparently that wasn't an end. Here is my situation:

    1. Been with the employer for a little over two years
    2. Got green card in August 1st week (2013)
    3. I would like to continue with the company for a while so that I can switch industries
    4. Supervisor is being difficult to the extent that it is miserable to work or think of going to work
    5. Work is absolutely low so that's making things worse
    6. I can ask them to let me go but it doesn't look good on the resume. Many employers, as part of employment application, ask if one has been laid off in the past and it doesn't look good to click yes in response to that question.
    7. If I resign, then it would raise doubts as to why I left so early after leaving greencard

    I think I may have the following options. Please provide opinions and input:

    1. Get fired and obtain the freedom to change industries right away. It would harder to find as unemployed. - Any other negative consequences?????

    2. Work a for two more months and then resign - Still too early to change industries so doesn't serve any purpose - Any other considerations?

    3. Switch to another company in the same industry immediately and then change industries after a year - still raises doubts as to why I left the sponsoring company after two months of GC. - Any other considerations?

    4. Move to Canada and start working in another industry (I am a permanent resident there) - come back to the US after 6-12 months and start working in the new industry - I am sure this has many drawbacks. Any thoughts?

    5. Take an extended eave of absence from the present company so that I am seen employed for a longer period. Come back for a two week period and then resign?

    6. Ask my boss to put in writing that they are low on work and that I should start looking for another work. that way I show that I was asked to look around and didn't find anything. At the same time, on job applications I can show that I resident (instead of getting fired).

    Please any help is appreciated.
  2. jefkorn

    jefkorn Registered Users (C)

  3. txwarrior

    txwarrior New Member

    Can you please advise when did u leave ? how long did you stay before u left ?

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