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    I applied for Naturalization earlier this year and a USCIS Representative notified me over the phone and by e-mail that I may already be a U.S. Citizen based on the Child Act of 2000; my citizenship is derived from my father who is a naturalized U.S. citizen and I meet all requirements under the act.

    I was advised to apply for a N600 or an application for a U.S. Passport in order to determine my actual status.

    Applying for my first U.S. Passport requires evidence of citizenship and I do not have any. So, is it in my best interest to send a N600 application? I'm a little disappointed that the $685 N400 filing fee is non-refundable but I knew that from the beginning. Applying for N600 will cost me another $600. Can I file for my first US Passport without any proof of citizenship? My father has his Certificate of Naturalization and I wonder if that will suffice?

    Any input is greatly appreciated!
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    No, you do not need to file N-600 for a Certificate of Naturalization. As a US citizen, you can apply for a US passport at any time. You DO have evidence of citizenship. Your father's Certificate of Naturalization + your green card + your birth certificate proving parent-child relationship + your parents' marriage certificate or other evidence that you are living in the custody of your father in the US, is your evidence of citizenship for applying for a passport.
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    Thank you! I appreciate the help.
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    I went to apply for my US passport I had all the required documents but when I got to the USPS they told me I needed the original copy of my moms naturalization certificate and I only had a copy of it because my mom would not give me the original is there anything else I can do?
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    Why won't she let you use her certificate? If there is no way you can get her to let you use it, you may have to apply for a Certificate of Citizenship.
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    I'm just curious to know how everything turned out, regarding your us passport..

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