Names mismatch between Passport and other documents

Hi All,

I am working on B2 documentation and DS160 fill up for my Parents.

In my father passport, his name is----- Madhavaiah
But in all other documents (and) in my passport-fathername section his name is mentioned as --- Madhanasekar

*This is not the actual name I mentioned above as this is public forum but the names mismatch is like above

1) In DS160, should I select the option as Yes for the 'Other names used' and/or
2) Should they go for the Affidavit (Notary), stating that, it's names mismatch but same person called with multiple names

Pls clarify


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(A response in another forum to your post)

Okay, so this won't count as a spelling correction. You need to prove that both name belongs to you.
So, yes, please fill in the name in passport in DS160 & other name as well.
Ask them to keep some sort of documentation, proving both names belong to him. For example, two different photo IDs showing identical face, but different names.