Name change issue

Submitted my N400 on this Feb and requested to legally change my name
Have a trip to China on Sep 22th, and the ticket was booked with my new name
Naturalization interview is scheduled on August 1st

The oath of allegiance conducts once a month here in Texas, so most likely I will become a US citizen sometime in the middle of August. Well I didn't expect the naturalization process would take this long and I definitely won't be able to travel with my Chinese passport cuz the names don't match, so I guess I will have to apply for a US passport in person at a passport agency bc I also need to apply for a tourist visa for my trip.

I don't know yet exactly when my oath of allegiance will be but I'm assuming probably a month at most before my trip. My question is, do I have to update my SSN card and DL first before applying for a passport due to the name change? If I do, I'm afraid there won't be enough time. Anyone knows? Thanks a lot!
Yes. You have to update your SSN with the name change by providing the Court order and Naturalization certificate at the SS office. Approximately 10 days after you have completed the judicial Oath Ceremony, so that SS office have access to the change info. Next you have to renew your DL by showing your new SS card/ Naturalization certificate and name change court order. Only then you can apply for the US passport. Since this is an older post just curious did you get it resolved? Were you able to go on your trip?