Name change during Naturalization (N400) procedures


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I'm a Green Card holder with an Indian Passport and would like to have my first name changed during N400 application.

I have some agricultural land in India and I do not want to have any issues when I want to sell it in the future due to changing my name in the US. I haven't visited India in a long time and have no one to help me in India with any paper work related to my name change in the US. I have an uncle in Hyderabad who is too old to help me. I do not have any Aadhaar/PAN/PIO/OCI as these did not exist when I left India over 20 years ago.

A) What do I need to do -

1) before naturalization in the US?
2) before US naturalization in India?
3) after naturalization in the US?
4) after US naturalization in India?

B) If I need to publish my name change, etc. anywhere in India, are there any news agencies, etc. who can help me with it for a fee?

C) What is the procedure for NRIs to sell agricultural land in Telangana? I signed up in Dharani's NRI Portal but could not find a way to claim/link my land records to my account to safeguard the property.



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Not sure about Indian process but there is an option to change the name on N400. You need to fill it out. You will most likely have a court ceremony and your naturalization certificate will reflect your new name. You use it to change names on SSN, bank accounts, drivers licenses etc.