Name Change done through court in US, what next?


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Got name changed as a US citizen through normal name change process (NOT as part of Naturalization or through marriage). I understand the process and places in US that need to be notified but have no idea what to do with the old country.

In US:

1. Get a new social security card
2. Get a new driver's license
3. Apply for a new passport
4. Update Bank accounts
5. Update credit card companies
6. Update care insurance
7. Update health insurance
8. Update employer
9. Update kids' school records
10. Get new birth certificate for kids born in US with my new name? Not sure about this one.

In Pakistan:

Does one need to go through similar process in Pakistan if that's their country of origin? Things like passport, about birth certificate...

Is there a similar process in Pakistan that needs to be followed or could it be done at the Pak. consulate in NY?

I would appreciate your feedback and any experiences you may have had in this regard!