N600 for minor child

I am a US born Veteran. My wife is from Asia, and holds a Green Card. We adopted our son at 14. It has been two and a half years. We obtained a sate of California "Foreign born" birth certificate. We also just received his US passport and card.

Should we get him a Certificate of Citizenship? The cost is $1170. I think that is steep, but I suppose it is tax deductible as a credit (as a cost of adoption).

Will they take his green card in his old name? The reason I ask is he will need his old passport (from country of birth) to visit his grandparents. His birth country will ask to see his US Green Card before they will renew his passport. Any thoughts?
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His US passport is proof of being a USC, you don’t have to get a N600 as well if you find the cost too steep. I am surprised you didn’t have to hand in his green card to get his US passport. If you do an N600 they will ask for it, they will not have any interest in his old passport.