N-600K U.S. Citizenship through Grandparent or Parent of child born abroad.


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I live in London however, I grew up in NY/CT until I was around 7. I then moved to London and have lived here ever since. I returned to the USA to see family ( my mom was American and her family was there) over summers however, from around 1985-2009 I did not return, I have now been going back with my son every summer to see family. I have not been present in the US for 2 years after the age of 14 ( or if I have it's very difficult to prove!).

However, my mom (my son's grandmother) lived in the United States the majority of her life ( she was born in London but to a US citizen mom) for around 4 years during the war and about 20 years from around 1960-80 and she returned many times until she died in 2012. I am attempting to get citizenship for my son through her but have a couple of questions.

1. Where do I mail the form to?
2. In the form do I include all evidence and documents required (copies)?
3. When and how do I pay?
4. We have the marriage and divorce records of my mom (showing her address), all her US passports showing countless trips in and out of the US and around the world, her SSN and her certificate of citizenship, is this enough to prove she lived there?
5. We have brief dates of her entries and exits to and from the US however, there are many and it would be very very hard and time consuming to comb through them and connect the dates. Is this enough?
6. Can I just photocopy her certificate of citizenship and divorce, marriage certificates?
7. I am assuming that it is ok that she is deceased?
8. What happens if the form is declined, do I get my money back?

Thank you and sorry for the long post!


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1, 3. The page for the form has this info: https://www.uscis.gov/n-600k You can file either online or by mail. If you file by mail, you would include a check with the form.
2. yes
4. It would be better if you can get employment records, school records, etc. US passports might not be stamped when US citizens enter or exit.
5. try to get all the dates
6. Yes. Be prepared to bring originals to the interview.
7. yes
8. no