N 600 / US Passport

Hi All:
My spouse became US citizen and I have few Questions about filing N 600/Passport for my 15 year old child. Thanks in advance experts.
1.I see most folks apply for passport first and then the N600. Whats the reason behind it? In this case do we need to attach copy of kids US passport with n 600 application?
2.Most of the time DoS keeps original green card for kids to issue US passport.Then during N 600,Would USCIS issue certificate without taking back original green card? Has anyone received Naturalization certificate for kids without giving back green card?

3.Also, whats the advantage of filing for mothers and childs passport together with mothers naturalization cert? Can mother have her US passport and then after she receives hers, apply for kids passport later?
Hi, just checking in to see what you ended up doing. Did you apply for the N600 and passport or just the passport? What is your timeline - sent/ received/ etc.
Exactly! Please tell us how it all turned out...
My N600 for my son (age 8) has been completed so I can probably answer some questions if you have any.
We applied 1/27/16 and received Certificate of Citizenship on 5/13/16. No interview required.

While the N600 was pending we applied for his US Passport and got that within 3 weeks before we got the certificate. Dept of State kept his Green Card and sent us a generic letter saying that they were keeping the green card. Later on, when USCIS asked for the GC to be returned when they issued the N600 cert, I mailed them a copy of the letter from DoS to explain that we no longer had it as DoS kept it. There were no further questions.

I posted a couple minor hiccups here in case this might help you too http://www.visajourney.com/forums/t...r-child-age-9-n-600-application/#entry8176795
Congrats and thanks for your quick reply!

So, no marriage certification was required from you? It says here so, but I guess it can't be mandatory...