N-400. Divorce right after GC. Am I in trouble?


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My ex husband helped me get a GC through filing a I-601 for waiver of inadmissibility based on extreme hardship. He was deployed to the Middle East. I received my GC in 2013 around March/April and then he filed for divorce in May. Our marriage was true and we have a daughter together.

I had my citizenship interview may 2019 and they could not approve my app at the time.

I just noticed that in the divorce decree it said that we had separated since November 2010. But we had not. He was just in a different country because of his military status. We still filed taxes together and no legal separation was ever made. Could this cause trouble?

I have no criminal records. I pay my taxes. I have never left the United States after my GC. I am now remarried and I am so scared that they will think my previous marriage was fraudulent and will remove me from the US. Please someone help! I am very anxious and have not slept in a long time. The IO was very strict and made me nervous. I am very scared.

Married my ex June 2008
June 2009 daughter born
January 2010 he got stationed in Korea.
January 2013 I-601 filed in Mexico
February 2013 re entry to US as LPR
Not sure what kind of help you're looking for. You've already had the n400 interview. What was the inadmissibility for?

Divorces right after obtaining a GC occasionally tend to invite scrutiny. There have been a number of posts, hence a sort of trend, of reviewing applicants' entire immigration history during the Naturalization process. It's anyone's guess if this has anything to do with elevated scrutiny by the current administration. The IO would have reviewed your case, and alongwith the interview, would make a determination on the n400.

Are you currently a Mexican national? Were you in the US prior to February 2013, and if so, on what visa?
I had been previously living in the US illegally since i was 12 (2001 was when I came in with my parent). And would have had to wait the 10 years, I believe.

I am just scared I’ll be deported.

Thank you for the reply.
I haven’t had any updates yet. I keep checking the website daily. It will be 120 days in September. It does say that my case will be completed in October 2019 (2 months).