N-400 Decision, denied.


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Good morning, Rajiv!

I've just received a denial letter, for my N-400 application, from Immigration. My situation if fairly unique, and I'd like to know if I should appeal the decision, or just re-apply.

When I relocated to another state - to Indiana, from Washington, DC - I had to change over my driver's license. Indiana's BMV allows for people to register to vote, at the time you obtain your driver's license. During the process, I wasn't told that I was being registered for federal elections (as Permanent Residency does allow us to vote in SOME local elections, in SOME cities), and just simply signed a keypad...assuming that I was just signing to obtain my driver's license.

Well - during my citizenship interview - I was told that I was registered to vote in federal elections, and that I to submit any pertinent information to further my case. I went to the local voter's registration office, and sure enough, I was registered. I had no knowledge of being registered to vote, and did not vote in any federal or state elections. The voter's registration card has the same signature that's on my driver's license (transposed), and I did not receive any paperwork for me read, during the exchange. Otherwise, I would've known that they were registering me.

The denial letter states that I have not established that I am a person of "good moral character", even though I submitted the voter's registration cancellation, and an explanation of the circumstances.

What should I do?