My Plan for New TN: Flying into Buffalo and Driving to Peace Bridge

Good day folks-

I am on a TN in Texas right now. I have a new job offer and plan on flying into Buffalo and then driving to the Peace Bridge to get my new TN.

Are there any foreseeable issues with this plan? I understand there's a 14 day quarantine in NY, but the way I am reading the updates, it seems I am allowed to go to the Canadian border.

I also believe I will be allowed to enter Canada and go to the US CBP office to get my new TN and then re-enter the US via driving and get back to Buffalo Airport.

Is the above all correct?

Thanks in advance.
I have done that. Never been to the Mexico border. Is it just as simple? I have never had any issues at the Peace Bridge.

Which border post for Mexico-Texas would you recommend?


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Um, the closest one to you. I'm sure officers on both side of the US/Canada border would prefer not having you come all the way from a hotspot when you have other alternatives.


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Drive to POE at US/MEX border seems simpler to me.
Someone posted a recent experience in this thread.
This was Laredo, TX, in June 2020. He drove into Mexico and turned around. I know some POE's you can park your car on US side and walk to POE to request TN status. (like San Ysidro, California) . It must be land POE at actual border, not at airport.
Call the CBP and ask them.
Please post your experience after you obtain a new TN.