My N-400 interview experience


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Had my N-400 interview this morning at 11:30am @ Dallas, TX (near PGBT).

Checked in at 10:50 and waited for almost two hours (12:40pm) to get called for the interview.

I had no arrests/tax evasion issues. I had a citation in 09/1997 in FL. The interviwer went through
the application form page by page and was putting a check mark against each detail.

When it came to the citation, I told her about the citation (I had this mentioned in the form) and she asked if I had paid the fine! Of course I had it paid within a few days after getting the ticket in 1997 so told her that and she checked that too.

After that, she started the civics test and English proficiency test. That was it.

She told me that I had passed the test and is recommending for approval. Then she asked me if I could take the Oath on 23rd July which is Friday @ 1:30pm. Well, I said no issues with that.

Well, I guess, I am done.

Thanks for reading this post.

Good luck to y'all

N400 DO: Dallas, TX
4/19/10: N400 mailed
4/20/10: N400 received
4/27/10: Check cashed
4/28/10: NOA received
5/04/10: FP notice recieved
5/26/10: FP done
6/12/10: Got update USCIS that my case has been sent to Local Office for Standard Interview
6/14/10: Got Interview Letter
7/20/10: Interview passed
7/23/10: Oath Ceremony