My mom is in the process of renewing her Green card - problem with finter printing.... help


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My mom went to get her finger printing done twice, then all the sudden received the letter from immigration that her finger print is not classifiable by FBI.

In the letter, it indicates that she needs to provide the proof of residence for the last 10 years and that her background has been checked and cleared.

Has anyone received a letter like this one? I just got a call from my mom, so we will be visiting her tomorrow to read the letter in detail.

Any help or advice is greatly appreciated.


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It is a common thing for people with rough skin (someone who works with harsh chemicals such as cleaning products and also older people as a natural process for many older folks).

She needs to visit the local police where she has resided during the time requested and request a background check of the local records. Different places do things differently. Sometimes it is the municipality, others by county, some by the entire state, and as for foreign location--good luck. She may also be asked to show up in order to complete a sworn statement, it is a routine thing on a standard form but is done under oath and in-person for folks who can't be fingerprinted.


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No need to get too very anxious about this issue. Sometimes, mismatch of fingerprints occur and the FBI rejects it saying that the fingerprints were not clear. In these situations, your mother needs to get a clearance certificate from the local police indicating that she has a clean record. Just provide the details the USCIS demands and your mum's case will be cleared.