my I 485 was transferred to Orlando , FL Field office


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Hello ,

I have an GC application from L1 visa and my spouse has application same from L2 visa. I filed I 140 and I 485 both in August 2007. We went to first fingerprint to Orlando Biometrics office at October 2007.My I 140 was approved on 9 June 2009 and same date my I-485 was transferred to Orlando Field office from Texas Service Center . However I received an message on Check my case status as I was scheduled for an interview on 9 June 2009. I received an 2nd fingerprint notice on November 2009 and went to provide new biometrics. After all I received an invitation for interview with a long list of supporting documents about my employer at end February 2010. I went to interview on 30th March 2010. Everything was o.k. , the officer told we will hear from him but still there is no feedback negative or positive. Today has been two months after interview. I'm considering what's going on and in check my case status it still shows the same info before I was invited to interview.... I would like anyone to share their more or less experience to guess how long do I have to wait to define if I'm going to receive GC or not...
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