My green card expires 3 days befor I return is it safe to travel

Hey guys I applied for my citizenship 8 months ago.. I was told that my case is still reviewing .. I did my finger print and everything but my green card expires on the 15th of July 2019 but I had already book my ticket to travel on the 30 of June to the 12 of July .. so I will be coming back 3 days befor expiration date ...

I was told by uscis that I can get an infopass a stamp on my passport allowing me an extension on my green card so they told me to call with 30 days of expiration date and they will make an appointment for me the problem is

When I got the appointment it’s until the 7 th of July and I leave on the 30th of June to July 12. So I couldn’t make the appointment

So now I’m scared will I even be allow back in the country if my green card expires with in 3 days ? Please I need help thank you


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No issues returning on the green card on the dates mentioned.

A travel document (GC) should be valid on the day of requested admission. Just make sure there is no risk of flight cancellation. If you are overly worried, come back sooner; you chose the return date on your own knowing the gc expiration.
Thank you for ur response .. I bought my ticket a head of time I thought that I would have already complete my citizenship by the time of travel 8 months is a long time but it never happen it was a stupid mistake but thank you once again