My Chinese friend is stuck in China.


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He works as a researcher in a university here in USA. He went for vacations and when he went to the US embassy in Beijing to renew his H1 visa he was told he has to go through a security check first. He has been waiting for more than a week and does not know when he will be giving the visa.

Any ideas or similar experiences? Will he get the visa?
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My Chinese friend had similar problem in 2008. He has H-1 in U.S, and back to China for vacation, and run into background check in Beijing. After two weeks, he got his H-1B in BeiJing U.S embassy.

Don't worry. What he did is:
1) Told his boss and his team he has visa problem. He will back to U.S, but might be one week or 1 month delay. His boss got the info, and told him not to worry, if 1 month dalay, his boss will arrange him to work at Beijing's branch for 1 month.
So, communicating to the boss and company is the first priorty;

2) Just relax, it just takes several weeks to clear that background check. Dont worry.

That's it. Just tell your friend to talk to his boss/company first, if possible, preparing for working at Beijing or other China' branch for a while. Then, enjoy the extended time in China.

Good luck.