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Things like these never get resolved therefore Indian American is correct in saying that it was for the best.

Raj Karega Khalsa

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Thnaks guys..

Appropos "Raj Karega Khalsa." Did you know that the word "Khalsa" came from the word "Khalis" (Arabic or Persian) meaning pure. So only the pure shall prevail. :) Just my two cents.

Regards to all of you pure or otherwise "for we are borne of the same light."

(Avval Allah Noor Upaya, Kudrat Dey Sab bandey
Ayk Noor Tay Sab Jag Upjaya, Kaun Bhaley Kau Mandey)

Tramslation (poor, but I tried):
First Allah created light, of which all createures were borne
When we are all creations of the same luminance, who among us can be bad, and who good.

Interesting to note the the Sikh holy book (Guru Nanank\'s bani) mentions the word "Allah" for God. May be we are the ones creating the division. People smarter than us saw none. Allah, Ram, God, Waheguru - all one. Please do not have me assassinated, I have a lot of work to do. :)

Anyhow...take it easy all. Rajiv Your Host.


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I am not surprised.

Unlike common opinion, the word "Allah" just means "The God". It\'s not a name of God. It\'s derived from another arabic word "Ilah", which means "God". The difference between Ilah and Allah is, the word "Allah" does not refer to any god, but "The Only God". It\'s very universal.