Multiple H1 visa without complete US degree


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H1 Multiple visa without complete US degree

Mine is a unique problem.
I have a bachelors in commerce from India, and came here for
a masters in CS , but have not completed it for a variety of reasons,However I got my H1 and have been working for the past two years now.
Can I go to Canada or Mexico to get my H1 stamped for Multiple entry without the degree?
My F1 visa is expired so I am scared that if I am rejected , i will not be allowed back on my I-94.
What other options are available for me?

Please help me, as I want to go home to India for a visit......:confused:
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Based on previous experiences canada is not the right place for your H1 stamping. Mexico used to tolerate non us degrees. I am not sure whether it continues to do so or not.