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RESUME (Mr) Vyacheslav Platukhin,
Address: Apt 7, Pyatigorskiy lane 25, 61046, Kharkov, Ukraine
OBJECTIVE * A Career in Programming or Chemistry
* C#, UML, OCL, XML, Delphi, MSSQL, Oracle, Kylix, FreePascal
* Chemistry
* Programmer
1. Nov 2003 - now. Programmer. Focus inc. Kharkov, Ukraine.
Focus is a department of international IT Company.
Subjects include: Software and Database Analysis & Design, .Net Remoting, Reflection, WinForms, OO Programming.
Environment: PC, Windows, C#, MSSQL, UML, OCL, Patterns, ADO, Access, XML, Oracle, CVS, VSS, Delphi
2. May 2002 - Nov 2003. Programmer. Special System of Commutations. Kharkov, Ukraine.
Special System of Commutations is IT Company.
Subjects include: Software and Database Analysis & Design, Strong OO Programming, Project leader.
Environment: PC, Windows, Linux, SCO, Delphi, Kylix, dbExpress, Oracle, MySQl
3. March 2000 - December 2001. Programmer, LOT LTD., Kharkov, Ukraine
LOT is IT Company.
Subjects include: Software and Database Analysis & Design, Strong OO Programming, Small project leader, Software support and system administrator assistant.
Environment: PC, Windows, Delphi, Oracle, VBA.
3. July 1997-March 2000 (part time) AKOM LTD, Kharkov, Ukraine.
AKOM is supplier parts for cars.
Subjects include: System administrator, Software support, Software and Database Analysis & Design,
Environment: PC, Windows, Delphi, Visual C++, Access, VBA.
* Engineer
1. 1994-March 2000: Engineer at Inorganic Chemistry Department, Kharkov State University
2. 1993-1994: Chemical Technical Assistant at Inorganic Chemistry Department, Kharkov State University
Subjects include: Research in Physical Chemistry, wide experimental experience in electrochemistry, Software development (C++, Pascal, SQL, Fortran), Electrochemistry of solutions of electrolytes, Non-linear least squares optimization, Limit ionic conductance, Simple inorganic, organic synthesis.
Teaching experience: practical lessons for courses: inorganic chemistry, physical-chemical properties of electrolytes solutions, computer based data handling.
At Focus inc.:
1. GEM administrator.
Development and code support. C#, ASP.NET, MSSQL, Oracle
GeMT is a fully integrated solution for establishing and consistently enforcing policy for employee use of the Internet and electronic communications with others inside and outside of the organization.
2. Business extensions.
Development and code support. C#, WinForms, UML, OCL, MSSQL, Enterprise Architect, Rational Rose;
The system allows to manage and control business processes. Users draw UML diagrams, then the system converts it to DataBases and classes. Special xml sets view end editor. It is possible to setup predefined forms. All objects automatically serialize and deserialize in DataBase. Before saving objects are checked by specific rules.
GUI, Threads
3. System of catalogue of car's parts. This system provides Manufacturers/OEMs with everything they need to create, manage and publish their Parts and Service Knowledgebase to CD/DVD and the Internet.
System can:
- create, manage and update parts, service and repair knowledge base.
- publish knowledgebase to CD-ROM or DVD.
- publish knowledgebase to the internet for access by dealers and/or end-users.
- integrate back end systems to provide real time internet access to parts, service, sales and warranty data.
- enable e-commerce to manage and trade sales, service and warranty data with dealers and customers.
The system is used by several big companies in Europe and USA.
Multilanguage and multidatabase support.
See for details.
Developed in Delphi7 and database in Access, MSSQL, Oracle;
1. Several utilities of EzParts system on C# and Deplhi 9
At Special System of Communication:
1. Automatic meteorological work place. Software enables: input, read from devices, store and send meteorological information and reports. The application was written in Delphi6, Kylix compatible code.
The project consists of: main application and synoptic, chemical, radiation, agro
modules. Dynamic modules can be included as libraries (dll or so) as packages.
Developed in Delphi7 + Kylix3 and database in Interbase and MySql;
GUI, dll, so libraries, RAS, COM port, WinAPi, Threads.
2. Graphical system for observing a weather situation. Kharkov, Ukraine.
System for observing a weather situation on a map. Editor enables to use graphical indication of variable parameters. The ActiveX component can be included into application. There's a possibility of generating events and observing the situation. Multilanguage support.
Developed in Delphi6 and database in Paradox;
GUI, Win API, ActiveX
1. System for registration and accounting of goods, sales analysis in a store.
GUI, Access, Excel, VBA
Environment: PC, Windows, Office XP.
2. Planar Ltd Web Site. AO Planar, Kharkov, Ukraine. (
Designed with HTML, DHTML, XML, JavaScript, Flash, Photoshop
Graphic and Web design.
At Lot LTD:
1: AutoParking system. System of access to a parking station. Bar code tickets and proximity cards are used in the system.
GUI, ActiveX, Win API, sockets, TCP/IP, COM Devices, Oracle8i
Environment: PC, Windows, Delphi, Java
2: System for creating a catalogue of spare parts and their search by different parameters. This system can be written on CD by seller of spare parts for cars.
Developed in Delphi5;
GUI, COM, Excel, Access, MAPI, Paradox tables, bonds between cars and spare parts producers, customer basket and orders support.
Environment: PC, Windows, Delphi.
3: Program for immediate exchange of meteorological messages.
Developed in Delphi5;
GUI, Win API. sockets, TCP/IP, Threads.
The program for exchanging of messages with specific meteorological protocol. Interaction with software on SCO system.
Late the program was modified as a dll library.
Environment: PC, Windows, Delphi.
4: Automatic documentation system for private firm. Registration and keeping documents inside the project.
Developed in Delphi5, database in Oracle8i
GUI, Oracle, Win API.
5: Price List
a) Price List Editor, Price List Administrator
Developed in Delphi5 and database in Oracle;
Design of the storage Price List in an Oracle Database, interaction with Microsoft Excel, users access privileges.
b) LOT Ltd web site:
Designed with HTML, DHTML, XML, JavaScript, Flash, Photoshop, CorelDraw
Java, Oracle, servlets, JDBC (
Graphic and Web design, secure access to the Price List from the Internet.
6: Real-time Visual system for devices;
Developed in Delphi5 and database in Oracle, Map Editor and Map Viewer;
GUI, Win API, sockets, TCP/IP, COM, PL/SQL, Packages
Design Vector Graphic System and its storage in the Oracle Database. Access privileges. Interaction with Devices server and a program in real-time system (QNX4).
Environment: PC, Windows, Delphi.
7: Server for IP Telephone;
Developed in Delphi5
Win API, sockets, NT Service, dll, UDP, HTML, CGI.
Design of the IP Phone connection system, Web-based view and control over the Telephone server.
Environment: PC, Windows, Delphi.
Many different applications in Delphi, MSVC++, Java, Borland Pascal, Borland C
EDUCATION * 1989-1994: Kharkov State University (Master degree of Chemical Sciences);
* December 1999 - March 2000: Courses: programmer C/C++, Visual C++;
* Programming languages and libraries: C# (since 2005), UML (since 2004), Pascal(since 1992), Delphi(1998), C/C++(1996)(Visual,1999), Assembler(1993), SQL(1998), HTML(1999), Java (2000), JavaScript (2000) XML(2000) Visual Basic(1998)
* Databases: Oracle(since 1999), MS Access, MSSQL, MySQL, Interbase
* Design Methods: Visio, ER-Win, Entry level: Rational Rose (2002)
* Operating systems: Windows, OS/2(1995-99), Linux(1999); entry level: QNX(2000), SCO (2001)
* Software: Appache, IIS Web servers, Sigma Plot, Origin, Maple, HyperChem, Macromedia Flash, CVS
* Articles:
1. Platukhin V.F., Kalugin O.N., Vyunnik I.N. Transport and equilibrium properties of CaCl2 in dimethyl sulfoxide at the temperatures from 25 to 125C. // Kharkov University Bulletin. 1998. Chemical sciences. N. 2, p. 165-170.
2. Platukhin V.F., Kalugin O.N., Vyunnik I.N. Determination of limiting conductivities of single ions from conductometric data for assymmetric electrolytes. // Kharkov University Bulletin. 1997. Chemical sciences. N. 1, p. 209-220.
* Conference participation:
1. Ukrainian analytic chemistry conference. Kharkov, May, 2000. P. 53.
2. VII international conference on problems of solvatation and complex formation in solutions. Ivanovo, June 29 - July 2, 1998 p. 176.
3. II Ukrainian scietific-methodical conference. Donetsk, April, 1996. P. 46.
4. I Ukrainian electrochemical conference. Kiev, May 15-17,1995. p. 77.
5. VI international conference on problems of solvatation and complex formation in solutions. Ivanovo, October 10-12, 1995 S-32.
REFERENCES * References available upon request
OTHER * I am not currently entitled to work in the country but am looking to work in the country