Moving to USA/ Canada


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Well there are a lot of moving companies in the world but is medical exam is necessary to relocate in USA from Canada? What are the different way of custom clearance while shifting and is it expensive for moving and living there?


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Moving to canada/quebec

hi i need some advise in getting PR in Canada.
let me start from the beginning of my story. My husband is half french and he imigrated to Usa because of me (im a USA citizen) but we've decided we want to move to Canada. We have family in Quebec so they will help us out with jobs. My husband does quilify for skilled workers program (im not) and few days ago we sent SCQ to Canada, awaiting answer if they accept us. Do you know how long it takes to get an answer from them? also if we've been accepted by quebec can we move to Canada and apply fro PR card from there or it has to be from USA? what is the fastest process to move and work there legally.
thanks for help