Moving To Europe From Dubai


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You can move to Europe from Dubai on different visas. The detailed explanation of those visas is as follows:

Skilled Immigration​

People who are experts in one thing or another can apply for their visa through a skilled immigration visa. It is the visa that is given to workers mostly.

Student Visa​

Students can apply for a student visa to move from UAE to Europe. This visa is given upon application through universities or colleges in Europe.

Business Immigration​

When you apply for business immigration, you must apply for a Schengen business visa in Europe. For the application, you need to detail your business and how often you will visit the states of Europe. They also ask about the source of your income etc.

Visit Visa​

A visit visa is given to people who like to visit European countries with families or solely. But the visit is for the time being either vacations etc.

Work Permit​

If you want to work in European countries, you should apply for a work permit visa. It is a great option for you to get a PR in Europe.